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Our Mission

Accelerating Revenue Growth

REDITUS provides revenue growth services to B2B tech start-ups in founder-friendly engagement and cost models.

We were born to solve this challenge: Start-ups have the greatest need for experienced revenue growth resources, but often struggle to afford them.

Why Work With Us

Reditus’ specializations include marketing, business development, sales engineering, direct sales, channel sales, customer success and account management. We focus on data-driven decisions, made quickly.  We offer flexible engagements including fractional or full-time contractor services, advisory services, project-based consulting and team-building services.


We act fast, based on data-driven decisions.  


Proven record of tech revenue growth success. 


Choose the engagement that suits you best. 


Access extensive expertise, scaled to your budget. 

Meet the Team

Reditus is a partnership led by three B2B Tech Revenue veterans:

Craig T. Watkins / Managing Director & COO

Craig has extensive experience building revenue-generating teams from the ground up. He brings over 25 years’ experience in both small and large technology companies. Craig’s focus areas are Customer Success, Account Management, Marketing, Sales Engineering, Data Analysis and Team Organization/Administration.

Tim Koopmann / Managing Director & CCO

Tim is a versatile and accomplished business development and sales management leader. He is an award-winning top-performing sales professional and results-driven leader experienced in achieving meaningful results for customers. Tim’s focus areas are Account Management, Channel Sales, Direct Sales and Sales Leadership.

Zachary Gossin / Managing Director & CSO

Zach is a serial start-up sales professional. He enjoys working with people to better understand the barriers they struggle with and helping craft solutions to break those barriers down. Zach’s focus areas are Direct Sales, Business Development/Lead Generation, Marketing and Sales Leadership.

Otis / Chief Happiness Officer

Making everyone smile, one woof at a time.
Love giver, boop receiver. Once a good boy, always a good boy.

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