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Revenue Growth for B2B Tech Startups

Two of the Reditus founders were Customer Success leaders long before Customer Success was a thing. As such, it is the central theme in everything we do. We value our relationships with our clients and are humbled to maintain their trust.

As our model requires we assume our clients’ identities, we prefer not to publicly link our brands until an engagement has ended. And, well, that hasn’t happened yet. Below is a sampling of the industries our customers are in, as well as a case study that delves into the origins of Reditus. You will see we represent a wide variety of industries, but the common theme is B2B Tech Startups.

our expertise

Industries Represented

  • SaaS
  • AI MarTech
  • Custom Development
  • Operations Optimization
  • Industrial IOT
  • Renewable Energy
  • Telcom/Network
  • Location Intelligence
  • Robotics

Founder Experience

In addition, our founders have extensive experience in the following industries:

  • Data Center Colocation
  • Cloud Computing and Managed Hosting
  • Supply Chain
  • International Logistics and Trade Compliance
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • DNS Directory Services
  • Procurement Management
  • EdTech
  • BI/Analytics/Big Data
  • Event Management Software
  • MSP
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Customer Experience
  • Call Center Automation
  • And more….
Ecrion was a Customer Communications Management SaaS firm that the three Reditus founders turned around, leading to a successful exit to PE-backed MHC Automation.

At Reditus, we understand that YOU are the product expert. We work with you and ensure that you are fully informed and comfortable with all decisions and actions we take. You retain as much control over our actions as you like.

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