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Reditus US Launch Program

Revenue Growth for B2B Tech Startups that want to operate in the United States

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US Market Entry for Tech Startups

The allure of the US market is undeniable; a potential powder keg of explosive growth. But B2B Tech Startups based outside of the United States face several challenges when trying to enter this huge market.

Cultural nuances, language barriers, communication styles and informal networking norms vary from country to country. And, in a very large market like the US, it can be difficult to figure out where you fit in and how to make your value proposition heard. US-based Sales and Marketing talent is almost a must, but affording such resources in US dollars can be an expensive and risky proposition.

Reditus US Launch Program

Reditus is a fractional growth agency that provides the marketing, sales and customer success capabilities B2B tech startups need for US market entry—and we do it at a cost and speed that fits your budget. 

Here’s how it works

We break the launch down to three distinct phases: 

Phase I

The Pillars of the US Market Entry Plan

Phase 1 is the most overlooked work, but is crucial for the success of any United States market entry program.
In this phase we help you:

  • Define problem/solution/value statements
  • Define Ideal Client Profiles, Personas, and figure out the best way to find them
  • Develop Messaging for your Personas that will work in the US market
  • Lead Generation: Develop an initial pipeline of Leads

Reditus is heavily focused on providing you with deliverables every month, every step of the way. We will be building your plan piece by piece, and delivering those artifacts to you on a regular basis.

Phase II

From Prospects to
Loyal Customers

Initial Sales. We continue lead generation work while applying our extensive experience in B2B technology sales to work the leads through the sales funnel, ultimately resulting in Closed Won opportunities.

Phase III

Scaling for

Now that you have some initial US-based revenue in US Dollars, your US market entry has just begun. Reditus now works to build out a self-funded growth team to create even greater success for your startup. 

Concerned About Costs?

Don’t be, here’s how we do it:

Phase I

Scalable Services for Startups

We understand that Phase 1 is all up-front costs to you before any revenue comes in. This is the big hurdle for you to overcome. Since we are a fractional team, we’re experts at scaling activity to fit your budget.

We can work anywhere from just a few hours a month up to larger full-time engagements. The work will take longer on smaller monthly hour plans, but you will be taking concrete steps forward every month, and we’ll be delivering artifacts that become your blueprint for US market entry.

Phase II

Commission-Based Revenue Generation

During Phase 2, Reditus can work primarily on a commission basis. The goal here is to generate US-based income at very little financial risk to you. This income will then be used to help fund Phase 3.

Phase III

Profitable US Market

Phase 3 is about building a repeatable growth machine for your US launch, but we do it in carefully measured steps so that your US operation is always cash-flow positive.

Considering a US Market Entry?

The Reditus US Launch Program just might be the solution for you. We have extensive experience working for foreign-based firms, so we understand your concerns, and how to help build a bridge for you to the United States.

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more.

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