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Revenue Growth for B2B Tech Startups

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Why Reditus?

Founders of Business-to-Business Technology Startups need highly experienced professionals to help them build and execute a go-to-market strategy, sell to new customers, and then retain and grow revenue. 

But hiring such experience is expensive. Furthermore, you likely do not require the full-time services of a Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, or Business Development professional, and your needs will change rapidly across these areas as your business evolves. 

When you partner with Reditus, we bring a seasoned revenue team to help you grow. One month, you may need more marketing work, and the next, more customer success. With Reditus, we bring just the resources you need, only when you need them—and a flexible cost and engagement model built specifically for start-ups.

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Who Is Reditus?

Led by a partnership of revenue veterans in the B2B Technology space, Reditus Group provides growth services aimed at helping you build, retain and grow recurring revenue.

Our Partners have worked together for over a decade, turning companies around for eventual exits, bringing new products to market, and helping launch new start-ups. We operate under a range of engagement models and look forward to crafting the best program for you.

If necessary, Reditus calls upon our deep bench of consultants and industry experts to meet the needs of your specific engagement.

Our Services

Our specialty is designing, building, re-building, growing and operating teams that manage and support all revenue-generating functions of your business. These include:









A crucial component of Reditus’ service is to architect the above functions to work together, and with the rest of your company, seamlessly, whether they are built all at once, or in a phased approach. This is a step frequently overlooked by many organizations, which leads to internal strife and inefficient operations.

What does a Reditus Engagement Look Like?

Reditus is geared towards growing revenue for you quickly, without endless analysis and process building. We are flexible in engagement models, but typically define up to three distinct phases:

Phase I

Early Results
and Learning

In this phase Reditus performs a quick GTM assessment as well as a deep-dive to learn your product, industry, and market. We then work to achieve early wins to bring revenue into your company. We learn which tactics and messaging work. This phase typically lasts 3-9 months.

Phase II


In Phase 2, now that you have grown revenue, your business model has been proven, and we’ve learned how to sell and market your solution, we then work to build processes, teams and materials to help you close more new business as well as retain and grow existing customers.

Phase III


Third phase can take multiple forms based on your desires. Reditus runs and operate your Revenue Team on a fractional or full-time basis, or we assume an advisory role.

At Reditus, we understand that YOU are the product expert. We work with you and ensure that you are fully informed and comfortable with all decisions and actions we take. You retain as much control over our actions as you like.

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