Deep Domain Expertise Is Crucial for B2B Startups  

King of Your Domain A great idea and funding are often seen as key cornerstones of startup success, but true success also requires the startup team have deep domain expertise. One recent engagement we had at Reditus Group highlights how this crucial element can derail even the most well-conceived business plans. We worked with a […]

The Strategic Advantage of Targeting the Mid-Market in B2B Tech 

In this post: Goldilocks Had it Right Understanding the Mid-Market The Limitations of Targeting SMBs The Challenges of Targeting Large Enterprises The Strategic Benefits of a Mid-Market Strategy Conclusion Goldilocks Had it Right Choosing the right market segment is crucial for any startup, especially in the B2B tech sector. While the nature of a startup’s […]

How to Handle a Customer Who Refuses to Pay 

Pay Me Please For B2B tech startups, effective cash flow management is crucial to sustaining operations and fostering growth. However, one challenging scenario that can disrupt this flow involves a customer who refuses to pay. This situation not only strains financial resources but can also consume considerable time and effort. In this post, we will […]

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