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Craig T. Watkins / Managing Director & COO

Craig has extensive experience building revenue-generating teams from the ground up. He brings over 25 years’ experience in both small and large technology companies. Craig’s focus areas are Customer Success, Account Management, Marketing, Sales Engineering, Data Analysis and Team Organization/Administration.

Before Hiring Your First Sales Rep at a Startup 

Introduction When you’re ready to hire your first sales rep at a startup, it’s a step that signals readiness for growth and a crucial milestone in your journey to generate substantial revenue. The urgency to bring revenue in the door—to fund product development, scale operations, and accelerate growth—is palpable and

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Focus is Crucial for Startup Revenue Growth

Introduction Here at Reditus, we talk with dozens of startups every week. Achieving stable and sustainable revenue growth is the dream of every one of them. For startups, revenue growth isn’t just about making money; it’s about survival, scalability, and ultimately, achieving their mission. In this blog, I’m going to

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The State of the Fractional Executive Market [Interview]

Interview with Joe Buchanan, CEO and Founder of FractionL There’s been a lot of buzz around fractional executives recently. We decided to catch up with Joe Buchanan, Founder and CEO of FractionL, the leading fractional executive placement firm that matches executives with part-time jobs. Joe gave us some background on

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